October 09, 2001

Wacko new play is really smokin'


by Cindy Adams

SUNDAY afternoon, the world went to hell. Sunday night, those who did not wish this world to stop while they got off jammed the Variety Arts for the opening of a wacko freako comedy thing called "Reefer Madness."

Right after the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, in came Neve Campbell, Paula Abdul, John Cusack, Lesley Stahl, Jeremy Piven, Terry Allen Kramer and a brace of theater folk named Nederlander.

So I asked the play's choreographer, Paula Abdul, if anyone backstage actually smoked a joint? Smiled Paula: "They don't inhale."


So I asked their opening-nighter, John Cusack, had he ever started on marijuana? Smiled John: "I've never stopped."


Now, about the show. In Act One they kill a dog. Act Two they munch a dead man's heart. And this is a musical, yet.

More. This show ran for years in L.A., which means zip because out there, "the stuff" is the staff of life. Hollywood only cares if their favorite café latte shop closes or Mercedes repairmen strike. More. Best description of this production is to say it's a cross between "Leave It to Beaver" and "The Rocky Horror Show."

My friend, Jimmy Nederlander Jr., is a co-producer. My friend, Jimmy Nederlander Sr., was my escort. I therefore am compelled to announce the show's great.

Incidentally, the opening party was booked in a nearby restaurant which, during the evening, had a fire. What can I tell you, it's probably the first time their food's been hot since the joint opened. Interesting evening.



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