August 23, 1999





Kelli Freeman









Just in case your not familiar with the 1936 "Scare Film" Reefer Madness, an adaptation of the flick now live at the Hudson Backstage Theater in Hollywood. Kelli Freeman has the story.

reefer madness opening song soundbyte

It's campy and funny even as we watch Jimmy, an innocent sixteen year old get seduced and corrupted by pot and it's pushers. Actor Harry Murphy keeps the audience in stitches.

harry murphy soundbyte: "It's not a pro marijuana show at all an anti-authoritarian show."

A visit from a singing Jesus adds morals.

listen to jesus jimmy soundbyte

The music and dialog are clever and the stage and costumes just as good. In Hollywood, Kelli Freeman 790 KABC

reefer madness opening song soundbyte

Thank you. This production of Reefer Madness runs through Halloween.


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