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Hollywood's sensational semi-documentary film, "Wild Weed," gives its producers ample opportunity to carry out their expressed purpose. that of showing dramatically the evils of marijuana smoking and the greater excesses to which it eventually leads

The real life story of Lila Leeds, star of the picture, admittedly parallels the film story in many ways. She spent sixty days in jail after being found guilty, along with film star Robert Mitchum, of marijuana conspiracy charge. She was placed on probation for a period of five years. The twenty-one-year-old blonde actress hopes that by appearing in this picture she will help dissuade other young people from taking up the dangerous drug which nearly ruined her career.

Lila proved herself such a capable actress in "Wild Weed" that she got excellent notices from the critics in Los Angeles and Chicago where the picture recently opened. It is now believed that, despite her unfortunate start, she will some day become one the leading feminine stars in the motion picture industry.

Producer Richard Day and Director Sherman Scott are to be congratulated on their dramatic handling of this absorbing story of drug addiction. They have told their tale as seen through the eyes of a young girl who believes she must smoke marijuana to be "one of the crowd." She attends a "tea party" and is persuaded to join the others to "get high on their sticks." She loses her fear of drugs after her first "reefer" because she feels little effect, so keeps on smoking.

Later her inhibitions become subordinated to the impulse of the moment, when her young passions have become aroused. The picture presents in several exciting sequences the dangers to which the smoking of marijuana cigarettes exposes thrill-loving teenadgers and the tragic results it leaves upon their young lives.

The great dramatic impact of the picture is credited largely to its authenticity. Eureka Productions, which is distributing "Wild Weed," hopes to book it in all major cities very soon.

A realistic "tea party," as a marijuana smoking session is called among its devotees, was created for the cameras during the making of "Wild Weed." The accompanying photos show how the cast members frankly portray the mounting excitements and loss of inhibitions as the "tea party" progresses.

Blonde Lila Leeds Stars in the daring
film. Alan Baxter plays "distributor."
The actors are seemingly average
young people in these
realistic "party" photos.
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