According to the bio in this book, the authors toured the country investigating marihuana and lecturing to school assemblies. The book makes the somewhat terrifying claim that between the years of 1925 and 1939 they delivered 4,000 lectures on the subject. Here are some amusing 'high' excerpts…

FIRST STAGE: Characteristic euphoria, or feeling of unnatural well-being and lightheadedness.

SECOND STAGE: Intellectual excitation, dissociation of ideas, and exaggeration of emotions.

THIRD STAGE: Illusion in regard to time and space.

FOURTH STAGE: Intense auditory sensibility, where ever musical sound is distorted.

FIFTH STAGE: Fixation of ideas, which are derived by the suggestibility of near-by stimuli.

SIXTH STAGE: Overbalancing emotional disturbances.

SEVENTH STAGE: Culmination of the sixth stage, where the overexcited and distraught subject may commit violent irresponsible acts due to irresistible impulses of suggestive origin.

EIGHTH STAGE: Hallucination, varied and often terrifying.

" . . . During these [early] stages the will power, the inhibitions, and the restraints have been destroyed. One in this state may, at a moment's notice, become dangerous; for there is no censor in his consciousness to help him accept the good and reject the bad suggestions and stimuli. The criterion of right and wrong he had been taught from childhood up has been lost during intoxication.

The later stages, commencing with the fifth phase and becoming progressively worse until the eighth, produce the anti-social tendencies. Acute mania often occurs, wherein the subject will leave in his wake revolting crimes."

Source: On the Trail of Marihuana the Weed of Madness by Earle Albert Rowell & Robert Rowell,
Pacific Press Publishing, 1939.
On the Trail of Marihuana
Another excerpt from On the Trail of Marihuana, the Weed of Madness:

"We now know that marihuana --

  1. Destroys will power, making a jellyfish of the user. He cannot say no.
  2. Eliminates the line between right and wrong, and substitues one's own warped desires
    or the base suggestions of others as the standard of right.
  3. Above all, causes crime; fills the victim with an irrepressible urge to violence.
  4. Incites to revolting immoralities, including rape and murder.
  5. Causes many accidents, but industrial and automobile.
  6. Ruins careers forever.
  7. Causes insanity as its specialty.
  8. Either in self-defense or as a means of revenue, users make smokers of others, thus perpetuating the evil."
[italics were not added, they appeared in the original source]

Source: On the Trail of Marihuana the Weed of Madness by Earle Albert Rowell & Robert Rowell, Pacific Press Publishing, 1939, p. 33

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